Themis Mock Trial

Themis Mock Trial

  1. Ever wondered what it feels like to be cross questioning the witness of the opposite side seated in the Witness Box in front of a Judge and the Jury?

    Themis School of Law brings you the unique opportunity to participate in the Criminal Mock Trials where you can put yourselves in the shoes of either the prosecuting counsel, the defence counsel, the witnesses or even the alleged criminal himself/herself!

  2. The importance of participating in Criminal Mock Trials cannot be overstated with students actually developing trial advocacy skills which are crucial for students wishing to pursue a career in litigation. The benefits of participating in Mock Trials are as follows:
  • Learn how to draft and deliver persuasive Opening Statements
  • Learn how to put short and direct non leading questions in Examination in Chief
  • Learn how to Cross Examine the witness with leading questions to prove his/her testimony unreliable
  • Deliver a strong and powerful Closing Argument
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with peers as the success of the team is heavily dependent on collaborative effort.

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