Common Questions Regarding University of London Examination

Common Questions Regarding University of London Examination

Q1. Is the study guide enough or do I need to do the essential reading too?
Essential Reading is very important if you wish to perform well on the UOL exam. Your text book exposes you to academic debates and in depth analysis of the relevant areas of law which is crucial for attempting good essay

Q2. How many cases should I add to one answer?
There is no specific number of cases that you can mention in on essay or problem question. Every legal point or authority you rely on, there should be a case that goes with it.

Q3. Do I need to mention the year of the case?
You do not gain or lose marks for mentioning or not mentioning the year. What matters is the name and the ratio/principle of the case.

Q4. If I forget the case name, what do I do?
If you cannot remember a name of the case, you can refer to it from its ratio or facts of the case. It is not an ideal situation but if the case is an important one, its best to refer to it, than not to mention it at all.

Q5. How do I learn all cases?
There is no one way to memorize all cases. However, practice and repetition is the key. The more you practice exam questions, the more you use and write cases, the better chance you hold of remembering cases.

Q6. Do I need to write facts of the cases I am mentioning?
No, there is no requirement of mentioning facts of the cases, unless you are distinguishing the case from another. This usually applies in essay questions especially in the analysis of the law. For problem questions, generally the ratio is the most crucial part of the case and must be mentioned and then applied to the scenario.

Q7. Is it okay to bullet-point my answer if I don’t have time?
It is not ideal to bullet point your answers, but in a situation where you are running out of time, it is better to bullet point your answer, then going over the allotted time and not being able to compete the question or the exam paper.

Q8. Do I need to highlight cases?
You are not required to highlight/underline case names but it becomes very helpful to not only the examiner but also to you when you are reviewing your paper prior to submitting.

Q9. I don’t prefer using IRAC. Will I lose marks if I do not apply it in the problem question?
IRAC is not a hard and fast rule that you are required to use for problem questions. What is expected from students is a logical structure which makes sense. If you can identify the problem within the question, mention the relevant
laws and ensure that you have applied them to the scenario with a reasoned conclusion, you won’t lose marks for not applying IRAC to the tee.

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