Themis (pronounced: thee-mis) is an ancient Greek term relating to law, fairness, justice and provider of good counsel. The common representation of the term can be seen outside courtrooms in the form of a blindfolded lady holding scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other.

The term ‘Themis’ accordingly embodies the philosophy of our institution. At Themis School of Law, our mission is the education and training of students in a progressive and innovative manner in order that they become outstanding lawyers and leaders in their chosen profession and thereby make a valuable contribution to our society.

At Themis School of Law legal education is personalized to each of one of our students. Academically, Themis School of Law is pragmatic and innovative in its approach to legal education. Our distinguishing factor, however, is our focus and emphasis on law in practice and associated legal skills. We strive to ensure that our students are equipped with practical legal skills and are able to apply their understanding of legal theory in practice.