University of London Exam Update – July 2020

University of London Exam Update – July 2020

The pandemic of COVID-19 has disrupted life across the globe and has placed
almost every sector on hold for an indefinite period. However, the University
of London instead of cancelling the UOL May/June 2020 exams has decided
to postpone the exams to July 2020, a decision we welcome as it would
ensure that our students do not lose a year, complete examinations as
scheduled and our graduating students can pursue postgraduate Programmes.

The recent changes to the examination structure and format as announced by
the University of London on 30th March 2020 have been reproduced below
for the convenience of all University of London students.

All University of London exams will take place online via the VLE of the
University of London portal. We are unsure, at this time if you will be
requiring a stable internet connection to be able to attempt the online UOL

However, till we receive further clarification from the University of London,
we strongly urge our students to ensure that they make relevant arrangements to acquire stable internet connection and a device through which they will be able to attempt the UOL exams uninterrupted and with ease.

All University of London exams will last for 2 hours and students are required
to complete 2 questions instead of the 4 questions as has been the regular
practice of the UOL for majority of the LLB modules. This is a significant
advantage for our students as now they have the opportunity to attempt less
number of questions with particular focus on less number of topics and excel
in those questions.